What should I put on my kitchen walls? 8 decor tips

What should I put on my kitchen walls? The style of the modern kitchen is changing, and more and more, our kitchens are moving away from being characterless spaces, void of any ornamentation and color, and evolving to become rooms where decor and design come together to express the personality of the homeowner. 

‘The kitchen is no longer a place to retreat to, or a space to hide,’ says Sarah Zames, interior architect at General Assembly, ‘instead, it has become a central gathering area that is both functional and social. To us, the detailing in a kitchen is just as important as heirloom furniture that you may keep in other spaces of the home,’ she says. ‘The kitchen should be built to last, but have enough interest in it to be admired.’ If our kitchens are another room in the home where we can create a warm and welcoming feel, the kitchen walls are the canvases where we can put our stamp. From light fixtures to decorative wall art, from plants and greenery to beautiful splashback design, we run through the best kitchen ideas to make your kitchen wall design really go the extra mile.

Oonagh Turner

Oonagh Turner

Oonagh is a homes editor and writer who enjoys the decor aspect of interiors. For this story, she spoke to the kitchen designers to find out how best to decorate and fill up empty wall space in kitchens, and how to put your personal stamp on the home.

1. Try adding wall art

A kitchen with wall art on display

(Image credit: ddreps. Design: Kimberly Peck Architect)

A simple addition to your kitchen walls that can really give empty space a lift is one beautifully framed piece of wall art, or a grouping of some prints and photography you’ve been meaning to hang for a while. You might not have considered the kitchen a great space for your mini gallery, but if you have any empty wall space that needs some attention, this is a quick fix that can bring heaps of personality to the room. Kimberly Peck Architect (opens in new tab) has designed this loft with a minimalist kitchen featuring black cabinetry and counters, juxtaposed against a stark, white porcelain clad wall and hood. 


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