Top 10 houses of 2022, picked by Wallpaper’s Ellie Stathaki

Architecture editor Ellie Stathaki picks her top 10 houses of 2022, from the Wallpaper* archives. From admirably modest to beautifully extravagant, and from new-build propositions to smart renovations, modernist redesigns, sustainable architecture homes, dreamy retreats and urban marvels, here are some of the finest domestic wonders of 2022 (in no particular order)…

TOP 10 HOUSES OF 2022 

01. Suspension House, USA, by Anne Fougeron

suspension house by anne fougeron exterior at dusk

(Image credit: Joe Fletcher)

The Suspension House is one of those rare architectural statements that only comes along once in a generation. The combination of site, vision, and skill is so often squandered, but San Francisco-based architect Anne Fougeron has translated her clients’ desires into spectacular reality, respecting the wildness of the site without compromising on the clarity of the design. The existing house occupies the kind of site that is not only rare but actually forbidden (California no longer allows homes to be built across a creek), so Fougeron and her team had to make the most of the opportunity. The original house had to be retrofitted with new structure to support the load of the new additions, all while touching only lightly on the ground. 


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