Spring 2023 Home Decor Trends, Featuring Modern Monochrome

Cheshire based business owner, Jade Zoe at Jade Zoe Home Interiors,  has announced the top home decor trends for spring 2023, featuring modern monochrome. 

The company’s team of experts has researched the latest collections from around the world to bring customers the most stylish looks for their homes. Among the top trends is the modern monochrome style, which features neutral colours and sophisticated decor that compliments any home with an on trend vibe.

“We’re excited to share the top home decor trends for spring 2023 with our customers,” said Jade, founder of Jade Zoe Home Interiors. “Our team has worked hard to find the latest designs and styles that will help our customers make their homes beautiful and stylish.” 

The modern monochrome trend continues to be the top choice for homeowners looking for a sophisticated, minimalist aesthetic. Picking neutral colours like black, white, and grey and combining with clean lines and simple shapes will create a timeless look. Cushions and decorative pieces from Jade Zoe Home Interiors, such as sculptures and ornaments, are the perfect addition to any modern monochrome home.

The Cream Bingham Textured Velvet Luxury Feather Filled Cushion, is one of Jade Zoe Home Interiors’ best sellers, available in two different sizes, the 16″ and 22″. This cushion is the perfect addition to any modern monochrome home, with its soft cream colour and textured velvet fabric adding a touch of luxury and sophistication. The cushion’s feather filling provides ultimate comfort and durability, making it a must-have accessory for any stylish living room or bedroom.

This cushion is not only incredibly comfortable and durable, but it’s also on-trend for spring 2023. The modern monochrome trend is all about using neutral colours and clean lines to create a timeless look, and the Cream Bingham Textured Velvet Luxury Feather Filled Cushion does exactly that. Its soft cream colour adds to any modern monochrome home, while the textured velvet fabric adds a touch of luxury.

 Another popular trend for spring 2023 is bohemian chic, which combines natural materials like rattan and jute with vibrant textiles and bold prints. Jade Zoe Home Interiors range of products includes a variety of bohemian-inspired cushions and other decor items, allowing customers to create a cosy, eclectic vibe in their homes.

 “We’re proud to offer a range of products that not only look beautiful but are quality and will be timeless in our customers homes,” added Jade. “We believe that our customers should be able to decorate their homes with products that reflect their personal style.”

 As the top home decor trends for spring 2023 continue to change, Jade Zoe Home Interiors is committed to bringing customers the latest styles. With a focus on modern monochrome the company’s range of cushions and decorative pieces are the best addition to any home looking to stay stylish this season.

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