Shop The Top Home Trends Of 2024, According To Interior Designers

The home decor landscape has undergone a huge shift in the past few years, and with it comes the transition away from what was once an all-white palette with a whole lot of farmhouse flair. In 2024, you can expect that needle to move even further in the other direction with bold colors, sassy prints, and nods of nostalgia leading the way. How do we know? We asked the pros, and the pros—aka professional interior designers—said so.

From furniture to accent pieces like throw pillows, blankets, and table lamps, interior designers are on the pulse of what’s to come in the decor space, and they’re sharing their top Amazon product picks so that you can get ahead of the curve.

Discover the home trends that interior designers predict will be big in 2024, and shop their recommendations below. Prices start at $20.

Designed-Approved 2024 Home Decor Trends At Amazon

Trend #1: Conversation Pieces

“Bring on the conversation starters,” Lindsie Davis of Blueberry Jones Designs says. Davis, whose design firm practices in both Austin and Wimberley, TX adds, “Sculptural furniture and decor are going to have their moments in 2024, and I love to take conventional room items and give them a moment to shine.”

Christopher Knight Home Jerod Lightweight Concrete Accent Table


According to Davis, a good conversation starter should be a unique find that grabs the attention of your guests. Davis’ accent table pick is very structural, with harsh, staccato lines and concrete material that make it a blank slate that’s easy to build off of. It will contrast well against other items with rounder, softer shapes and bright colors, and though it’s minimalist on its own, it will easily fit into your maximalist vision for your space when paired with the right foils.

“This modern accent table with striking lines would pair nicely next to a barrel style chair, or something slightly more traditional for an unexpected touch,” Davis says.

Flornia Modern Industrial Table Lamp


“Need some additional lighting in your room? Try placing this fun lamp on top of a stack of books,” Davis suggests. 

Measuring 5.6 inches by 5.6 inches by 7.1 inches, this light fixture plays with opposing shapes, thanks to a structured, rectangular bottom and circular marble centerpiece. When turned on, the bulb emits a low glow that’s moody and cozy but as Davis mentions, it’s unique enough to stand on its own as a conversation starter, even when the light is turned off.

“This double-duty piece adds the perfect glow of light, or it can act as a decorative object when it’s not being used.”

Cassilando Irregular Asymmetrical Wall Mirror 


While it was once all about the brass, vintage-inspired floor mirror, wall mirrors are now coming back in waves—particularly those with much more body and shape. 

“Add a touch of glamor and intrigue with organic, irregular shaped mirrors,” Davis says. Davis’ pick measures 33.5 inches by 20.5 inches and has a black wood frame as the border. Textured, whimsical, and wavy, (as if it’s been hand-drawn by an artist) it looks more like a portal to another dimension than your typical wall mirror.

Calabash Modern S-Shaped Ottoman


If you’re looking for some new furniture pieces in 2024, this category is the perfect opportunity to seek out eye-catching conversation pieces, like this S-shaped ottoman. 

“I love to add ottomans to a room for flexible seating [in] times of entertainment,” Davis says. “These quirky-shaped ottomans would be so much fun tucked under a console table or nestled next to the fireplace.”

At 19.3 inches by 18.1 inches by 18.1 inches, this funky velvet stool is available in several earthy-yet-punchy tones, including dark green, coffee, orange, pink, and white. Plus, you can also grab it in teddy fabric for a more textured look. 

The Calabash Modern S-Shaped Ottoman is also a favorite of another fellow designer, Kellie Sirna, founder of Dallas, TX-based Studio 11 Design. Sirna just ordered two of these and plans to display them under a large console in the living room. “It’s a great add,” Sirna says, “and the teddy bear fabric has a great hand.”

Trend #2: Vintage Details 

“Vintage details are having a resurgence, and you don’t want to miss out on these playful patterns,” Davis explains. Some of Davis’ top picks include playing around with fun, geometric shapes and patterns, and mixing and matching colors, too.

Dubeyioi Four-Piece Checkerboard Grid Hand Towels 


The bathroom deserves some love, too, and Davis recommends adding a pop of color, texture, and pattern to the loo with these vintage-inspired towels.

“Checkerboard can add a dose of nostalgia to any space,” Davis explains. “Don’t want to commit to a full tile floor or shower walls? Then add playful touches with your decor items.”

Each towel is 29 inches by 13 inches, and the set of four includes towels in mustard yellow, red, purple, and green. They’re made of 100 percent cotton that’s fluffy and super soft, and in addition to the restroom, can be used for the gym, yoga, or even drying dishes.

Safavieh Connie Navy and White Stripe Upholstered Camelback Headboard 


“Candy cane stripes will bring all the fun in 2024,” Davis says. “This classic detail is a great way to trick the eye when you need to widen or elongate a room.”

You could also consider this vintage-inspired headboard a statement piece, as it’s sure to elicit questions from guests. Use it as an anchor, letting it lead the rest of a mostly neutral room, and it will create the appearance of a room that’s bigger than it actually is.

“This striped headboard is the perfect counterpart for a narrow room,” Davis adds.

Folkulture 18×18 Throw Pillow Covers


Soft, funky edges on these throw pillow covers evoke ‘70s vibes that, despite their popularity more than five decades ago, are coming back in style.

“Swap out your solid throw pillows for these scalloped beauties,” Davis advises. “These pillows can stand alone or work alongside a patterned counterpart to liven up your space and add a touch of charm.”

Available in either 18-inch by 18-inch or 20-inch by 20-inch size options and more than eight retro color combos—including green, blue, orange, red, or yellow—each pillow cover has a concealed zipper so as to not take away from the scalloped edges.

Trend #3: Chrome

“While it’s generally found in our kitchens and bathrooms, chrome is making its way to other areas of the home,” Davis says. “This highly reflective finish pairs beautifully with every color making it easy to use in your space.”

EdensDecor Silver Mushroom Decor Table Lamp


Take the chrome out of the bathroom and into the living room, bedroom, or anywhere else in the house with this quirky and retro mushroom lamp. Add it to your nightstand, office desk, or end table for extra mood lighting. It has three tones of warm lighting to choose from, and it’s wireless, too, so you can take it with you without having to worry about knotting up cords.

“Bring a touch of mid-century flair to your space with this mushroom table lamp,” Davis says. “Pair this cool-toned finish with a warm wood for the perfect balance.”

BloFlo Stu Silver Ceramic Crinkle Fold Paper Bag Vase


Davis’ next pick, a chrome-finished vase designed to look like a crinkling, folding paper bag, brings even more texture and whimsy to your space.

“This organic, fluid-like vase creates a dramatic focal point for your next floral arrangement,” Davis says of this piece that almost looks like it’s melting away. At 7.87 inches by 5.12 inches by 9.25 inches high, the ceramic vase has a wide mouth that allows it to hold big bunches of flowers—both artificial or hydroponic—and other greenery.

Alex Bass, founder and CEO of Art Advisory and Interior Design Studio Salon 21 in NYC, also picked this bold, chrome vase, agreeing it’s a piece we’re soon to see in homes across the board. “The fluidity of this vase really speaks to me,” Bass says, adding “a pop of metal here or there is a great way to also bring lightness into a space.”

Anding Ceramic Tissue Box


From the chrome finish to the sleek texture to the bubble shape, there is a lot going on with this tissue box holder—so much so that you won’t know what to point out first.

“I love that this tissue box doesn’t have the look of a normal one,” Davis says. “This chrome accent piece is a perfect opportunity to add a touch of glamor to any shelf.”

You can also use it as a candle holder or votive, an ashtray, or a vanity dish for your jewelry. No matter what you use it for, one thing’s for certain—it will be a focal point.

Trend #4: Art Deco

“The 1930s and ‘40s style is making a comeback,” explains Bass. “I think people are appreciating high-quality vintage and you can find some of the most timeless, gorgeous upholstered and wood pieces from that era. Art Deco as a movement has so many unique motifs, patterns, and materials… that I’m seeing pop-up in the homes of major interior designers and their clients. Out with the new, in with the old!”

Bokt Mid-Century Milk Glass Chandelier


“Vintage accents are a great way to tap into this trend,” Bass says of the art deco vibe. Of course, you’ll find plenty of vintage-inspired items on Amazon, too. 

Like something you might see out of The Golden Girls set, this mid-century sphere chandelier features six smoke-gray globes of 5.9 inches each. The length of the hanging canopy is adjustable, ranging anywhere from 7.9 inches to 11.8 inches from the ceiling.

“I love the combination of the leaf elements, which feel very Miami or Palm Beach art deco, with the bulb lights,” Bass explains. “I think this is a great modern twist that feels more timeless than trendy.”

Yifi Deco Brass Pendant Light


Inspired by the leaf shape of the lotus, Bass recommends adding a “pendant light” in either “an entryway or dressing area” to add vintage character. “This one reminds me of the old Tiffany lamps that were very popular during the [art deco] time period.”

The light fixture is made of glass, copper, and brass, and is rust-resistant, anti-oxidation, and corrosion-resistant as well. The pendant light size is 9.25 inches by 80 inches, but it can easily be adjusted from 1 inch to 70 inches to better fit the height of your ceiling.

Hulala Home Modern Velvet Accent Chair


“I love the luxurious feel of upholstery, especially a red velvet,” Bass says, but adds, “I’m also a fan of velvet in a mustard color” as well. At 29.5 inches by 26 inches with a 31-inch high wing-style back, Bass calls this modern accent chair “comfortable yet still luxurious.”

Made of wood and a metal frame, the 220-pound chair will be durable and comfortable for years. Its bold colors and strong mid-century style make it a great accent piece for a living room, dressing room, dining room, or bedroom.

Jennifer Taylor Home Yolanda Upholstered Round Accent Ottoman


As art deco makes a comeback, so does fringe. “I love tassels or fringe on an ottoman,” Bass says. “It reminds me of the time period.” 

This upholstered ottoman measures 24 inches by 24 inches and is 16 inches off the ground. It’s made of a sturdy kiln-dried hardwood frame with 11 layers of plywood that can hold up to 200 pounds, and features a polyester velvet seat packed with high-density flame-retardant foam and a gold tassel rope bullion fringe for vintage charm.

“I wouldn’t necessarily do this on a couch or larger furniture item, but I think a stool is a good way to tie in something more classic without making your space feel dated,” Bass adds.

Trend #5: Wrought Iron and Brass Accents

“Iron accents are a great way to add unique antique and vintage items to your home,” Bass says. “During Salon 21’s Holiday Bazaar, we saw pieces like this sell so quickly as they’re easy additions to add to any space. A touch of iron is really chic and adds a brutalist and timeless feel to any space.”

Rtzen Modern Wrought Iron Taper Candle Holders 


Made of wrought and cast iron, each 3.54-inch by 3.54-inch by 9-inch candle holder looks and feels handcrafted, like it just came out of the blacksmith’s shop. While these candles might have evoked a solely rustic aesthetic in years past, Bass says that in 2024, these candle holders have more versatility than ever before—especially when incorporating them into your tableware.

“Both of these have an organic shape that I really enjoy and would certainly go with any tablescape you decide to put together,” Bass explains.

“Brass accents are one of my favorite trends of 2024,” Sirna explains. “I’ve noticed in both residential and hospitality design spheres that spaces are decorated in earthy metals.”

Sirna predicts that metal finishes will continue to “grow warmer,” adding, “people are moving away from satin and nickel finishes. Those are on their way out in 2024.”

Tyawon Gold Glass Battery Operated LED Flameless Candles


“I use the candles in place of fire in a vintage fireplace in my bedroom,” Sirna says. “When you put the candles together, the remote will key them all to turn on.”

The brassy gold sheen of the glass gives the candles “a beautiful glow,” Sirna says, and the three-pack is a subtle way to incorporate the new “it” finish. “Brass always adds a bit of glam to a space and warms up the room.”

Trend #6: No Blank Walls

“People are realizing that it’s okay to show their personality in their home,” Bass says. “We’re seeing a shift away from minimalism, [and] artwork is one of the best ways to show your taste and personality.”

7Degobii Battery-Operated Picture Light 


In the spirit of “no blank walls,” Bass is sharing a few easy ways to hang up, or accentuate, the art of your choice.

“I have one of these over an artwork in my apartment,” Bass says. “Not only is it a nice extra light for my living room, but it will draw visitors’ attention to the piece. I like to have a few statement pieces in my space.”

If you’re looking for specific artwork to pair with your battery-operated picture light—which is available in either gold or matte black in two different size options—some of Bass’ favorites include artists Carly Beck and Sasha December, both from New York, and the London-based Frankie Thorp.

Umbra Set of Nine Exhibit Picture Frames


Another way that Bass displays art at home is by using different types of wired wall brackets to create gallery walls. These “help you assemble a gallery wall easier, without having to do any major drilling or nailing into a wall,” Bass says, and “you can also easily rearrange the works.”

This one from Umbra accommodates nine pictures of different sizes, including five 8-inch by 10-inch and four 5-inch by 7-inch frames. All in all, it spans 30.4 inches by 86.7 inches across the wall, truly leaving behind no blank wall space!

Trend #8: Hotel-Like Amenities

In 2024, we’ll be seeing even more of a “hotel culture,” but at home. Specifically when it comes to hosting or having guests, Sirna predicts that guest rooms will be decorated and outfitted like hotel rooms more than ever before.

Yalucky Bedside Water Carafe Set


It may be a small gesture, but this carafe plays into the idea of creating a luxurious home-away-from-home experience for your overnight guests. The tumbler is a lovely vessel for infused fruit waters, which are also typically found in a hotel lobby, and really comes in handy at night when guests may need to take medications, brush their teeth, or handle a dry tickle or cough.

“I have this bedside carafe in all of my guestrooms and [primary] as well,” Sirna says. “The lid is also a little cup.”


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