Redefining your home with colourful windows to make your interiors stand out

Home décor matters. From uplifting your mood to boosting your productivity, it can leave a positive and a lasting effect on your overall well being. So far, the idea of designing a space has remained limited to wall paintings, figurines, shelves, among others. Speaking about window frames, wood is one of the most common choices with certain drawbacks such as its impact on the environment and its degradation that happens gradually over time. These among many other reasons why windows made of uPVC and aluminum are now emerging as the most sought after options. The distinct benefits are making them a part of the popular demand.

These materials are highly sustainable, long-lasting and require minimum maintenance. The thermal and sound insulation properties of uPVC prevent loss of heat, and reduce the need of regular air conditioning and keep noise outdoors for a comfortable and healthy living. Similarly, aluminum is more durable and slimmer than others. Its frames have a longer life, have design flexibility and great colour options to do away with monotonous, boring options that existed so far. 

In addition to functionalities and benefits, colours of window frames also play a great role in home interiors. They not only enhance the look but also have a deep impact on the overall energy and the mood. When it comes to uplifting home interiors with a makeover, choosing the right colour can make a lot of difference.

 With uPVC and aluminium window frames, it becomes possible to offer various tones that resemble your mood, personality, or need. You can choose from a range of window frames in a variety of colours to create a welcoming and attractive living space. There are many colours available to experiment with. For example, you can go for a dark window frame to create a contrast and a high gloss finish for a distinct look. To make your frame appear subtle and appealing, you can choose matte finish. The popular options which are currently gaining popularity and trends are:  

1. Midnight Black: Black windows are gaining a lot of popularity and many homeowners are selecting midnight black which is very new and looks modern, trendy and classy. Midnight black can never go out of trend and style and can be paired with a variety of colours to get that chic look and aesthetics.

2. Anthracite Grey: A reflection of charm and energy, anthracite grey has emerged as a hot favourite.  This colour gives a hospitable feel and an environment that is soothing and oozes luxury. This is the best choice for those who prioritise comfort and serenity as it improves comfort and helps in unwinding at the end of the day.

3. Light Oak: Wood-like colours have long been a part of homes and people still consider it over others to bring a pleasant atmosphere with comfort.  Oak is one of the most preferred colours that perfectly mimics natural wood. This can combine the beauty of nature and make your interior more serene and cosy.

4. Champagne Gold: As sophisticated as its name, this colour can give a luxurious touch to your home and make it look more expensive. It not just matches with all styles but is also modern and unconventional that helps your home to completely stand out.

5. Pristine White: The classic white is never out of trend and can be the best choice if you want a simple and inexpensive way to update your home’s look. It can match almost every colour and gives a fresh look to your home. The colour represents peace and calmness and you can choose it to make your home positive and warm. 

It is always a good idea to choose the best colour to surround yourself with and thus, you should carefully evaluate your preferences to make the right decision for better and healthy living. 


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