People’s Choice awards at Las Vegas Market highlight 5 cool products

Five cool products took top honors in a contest at the summer edition of the Las Vegas Market underway at the World Market Center this week. ‘

Twice a year, the trade show holds its People’s Choice Market Snapshot awards. This season products with natural patterns, innovative qualities and ergonomic designs landed the top spots in the Las Vegas Market Summer 2022 awards.

The Las Vegas Market, run by International Market Centers, is held twice a year in summer and winter for experts in the home decor and furniture trade to showcase, explore and purchase the newest products and trends in home decor, furniture and apparel.

The Market Snapshot honors the top products in four categories — furniture, home decor, gift and gift and home temporary exhibits. This year’s winners are:


Fusion Designs Henning Collection and Palecek’s Camilla Fossilized Clam Console Table both took first place in a tie.

The Henning Collection includes of an egg-shaped table with a bench and chair built to fit. The built-to-order collection completely customizable down to the wood species, finish and size.

“All of our product is Amish made, so it stands out,” said Norm Shrock, vice president of sales for Fusion Designs. “It’s a very unique piece. Most people don’t have a curved bench.”

Fusion Designs mainly manufactures dining room and bedroom pieces and produces all of its furniture out of Indiana.

The other winner, Palecek’s Camilla Fossilized Clam Console Table, has a rugged and natural look. Cast from the mold of a tree trunk, the table has a soft cream color with a grainy and natural finish.

Home Decor

In home decor, Deconcepto’s Frida Table Planter landed the top spot.

“This planter was designed by my mother,” said Maria Ines Alvarez, Deconcepto representative. “We wanted to make a planter that had something Mexican in it, and also modern.”

This planter is crafted to resemble the iconic painter Frida Kahlo complete with her iconic unibrow and adorned with a flower crown. Available in black and white, the 22-inch planter is made of fiberglass to withstand outside conditions.

Deconcepto is based in and produces out Mexico which manufactures fiberglass planters and pots.


This year the Maya J Bracelet Hair Tie took first place in the gift category.

“Everybody that wears a hair tie always puts it on their wrist — which makes it a bracelet,” said Alan Levine, owner of Maya J. “They’re fashion forward, they’re made out of links of chains, and so, therefore, everybody loves them.”

The small hair ties are designed to look — and also wear — like bracelets, each adorned with a small gold chain link. The double-duty ties can be used to accessorize their hair or wrists and come in five chain styles and colored enamels.

Levine said that he also brought the product to the AmericasMart Atlanta, also run by International Market Centers, and that it was “flying off the shelves.”

Gift and Home Temporary Exhibits

The People’s Choice for the temporary exhibits went to Shaaksaz Willow Wicker Craft Producer Company Ltd. and Kadam Haat’s Lighting Pendant.

This hanging fixture is lattice woven from biodegradable wood from non-timber forests. The pendant is available in three different sizes and comes in a dark-brown ashy color.

“You don’t see too many lights, pendant lights like this,” said Payal Nath, representative from Shaaksaz.

The process of making the pendants is “painstaking,” but leaves the product feeling smooth and high quality.

“So the color borders that you see (are) all black. So it’s actually a completely organic ash color, which was used during processing of the wicker,” said Nath. “The second thing which is interesting is that most of the willow products that you’ll see they have the bark on it; now here they removed each piece one-by-one.”

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