Modern Interior Design – Everything You Should Know About The New-Age Interior Style


Modern Design – What is It?

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Simply put, a modern design style is defined by a neutral, monochromatic colour palette, and straight or clean lines, and includes natural materials, layered lights, and minimal objects. The overall vibe of the space provides a very sorted, minimal yet collective look. This design style allows you to think about the purpose of the space and makes you include only those design elements or objects that are practical!


History Of Modern Design

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This design style embraces ‘modernism’, a 20th-century design moment that was characterized by key features like functionality, abstract thinking, simple forms, and innovation. The origins of modern interior design can be traced via Scandinavian, Bauhaus design which encouraged the inclusion of minimalistic functionality, usage of natural materials, and experimentation with geometrical as well as abstract shapes!

Modern interior design is essentially the by-product of the 20th-century modern art moment that challenged Victorian design ideas including maximalism and opulence. The new modern home design introduced the form follows function philosophy. So introducing clean lines, open living spaces, floor-to-ceiling windows, and more became the peculiar features of modern interior design.


Key Elements Of Modern Design

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Consider the following key design elements to introduce a modern look in your home or space:

1. Straight Lines – Modern interior style encourages including clean, straight lines. For instance, a seating area in a living room could feature a straight-line couch, angular coffee table, etc. The objects in space should provide a minimal ornamental look!

2. Neutral Colours – Stick to a monochromatic, neutral colour scheme to achieve a chic vibe. Go for hues like whites, greys, blacks, browns, and pastel colours. For pop-up tones, experiment with different tones and shades of neutral colours. Introduce bright hues in a minuscule way.

3. Open Floor Plan – Modern interior design encourages for using furniture pieces like a couch or sofa to differentiate between the areas in an open plan place. For example, a kitchen island can define a kitchen space from the dining area.

4. Use of Natural materials – Wood, stone, glass, natural fiber-made objects and design elements wall, organic cotton fabric upholstery, hemp rug, and more. Modern interior style is all about embracing nature in every possible form!

5. Minimalism – Modern-style homes feature curated objects and accessories. The main idea behind the same is to feature what’s necessary. Any sort of clutter is not what you will find in a modern-style home.


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