Malaysian home with modern eclectic design stands out with pops of colour

With bright pops of colours paired with warm wood, rattan and indoor plants, Norhazrina Abdul Hamid’s home has a modern vibe with an eclectic touch.

The four-bedroom intermediate double-storey terrace house in Sepang, Selangor is a pleasant space that meets the needs of her family.

A senior executive in marketing communications, Norhazrina’s house (@rumahuntukrose) was recently featured in #ighometourmalaysia under the theme #ightmtablescape. #ighometourmalaysia is a local home tour group on Instagram hosted by a small group of home decor enthusiasts to inspire one another and share ideas on home design and decor.

We ask Norhazrina a few questions about her decor style and preferences.

Bright, funky colours of the tablescape.Bright, funky colours of the tablescape.

Q: What is the key theme of your home decor? Modern eclectic.

Q: Can you share about the #gallerywall at your home and how you did it up?

Yes! Creating a gallery wall is a wonderful way to showcase my favourite artwork, photographs and other decorative items. As I love funky and eclectic designs, I have created a space that suits my interest. I am inspired by French movies where they put up all these colourful, bold and vibrant colours, pattern on pattern design in their home/apartment. I have also purchased illustrations from local artists like Project Mirro and Bunga dan Bintang and put them up on my wall to support local artists.

Q: Which is your favourite part of the house and why? Can you share some design details of that area?

That would be my personal room which I do not share with my family, haha (It’s my vanity area and office space). As I very much love artistic and eclectic decor with plants, I have created an area where I can do my work, makeup, photoshoot/video content. Plus, the lighting is good there too.

Adding indoor plants throughout one’s living space creates a soothing vibe.Adding indoor plants throughout one’s living space creates a soothing vibe.

Q: What is your philosophy or principle when it comes to creating your home decor?

It’s essential to create a space that brings you joy, comfort and reflects your unique personality and lifestyle.

Q: What are three tips you can share with our readers on this?

1. Never follow others

2. You can get inspiration from others but personalise it according to your style. You are the one who will live there, so do it to please your own eyes.

3. Don’t waste money on unnecessary items. Instead, upcycle your decorative pieces.

Q: You have many wood, rattan and wicker furniture/decor, and also indoor plants. Can you share more about why you like them and how important they are to the home/wellbeing?

The thing is with home decor, you can never go wrong with anything. I love experimenting with a few styles but it’s important not to go overboard. Rattan, wood and wicker decor just blend together and I add indoor plants for some pops of colour. I love playing with colours especially so that the home is not boring.

If there is one thing you can do to further enhance your home, what would it be? Well, I would love to create a more personalised touch by having items such as arched cabinets and mirrors to make the house more aesthetically appealing.


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