Festive home decor ideas | Home decor picks from wall art to tableware to decorate your home for Durga Puja

The Durga Puja fervour has taken over — from the malls to the
streets, the festive charm has made its way everywhere. While you plan your
outfits (get some Puja fashion inspiration here) and
finish your last-minute shopping, it’s time to get the Pujo Pujo feeling to your home as well.

My Kolkata has some creative picks to get your home decked up and guest ready
for the festive season.

Some tablescaping style


It is a universally
acknowledged fact that the festive season is largely about food! Durga Puja is
as much about gatherings at home as it is about pandal hopping. If you have
guests over for a meal, some trendy tablescaping can go a long way to
impress them, along with a delectable festive spread of course. While the taste
and flavours are supreme, the presentation also leaves an impression.

Pick a theme or a colour
and get creative. If you are serving some Indian cuisine like Bengali or Mughlai,
go for some crockery that has a traditional touch. If you want a royal look, go
for metal trays, plates, bowls etc. These could be a great investment if you
like a well presented table.

Check out: Metal
trays from Nestasia

Price: Rs 2,000 onwards

Traditional touch for the living room 

@gourabartcraft, Zwende, Studio Artemist

A touch of tradition for
Durga Puja will only add to the festive feeling. It’s time to give your living
space a new look. If you have an empty wall or need to replace those age-old
portraits for the season, then murals and wall-hangings can be great picks. If
you are willing to commit to a mural, then clay murals can be a great option.
For a quintessential Bengali feel, opt for a kulo wall hanging or go for
the classic with wall hangings and paintings of the goddess on canvas.

Check out: Clay
mural by @gourabartcraft
, Kulo wall
hanging by Zwende
, Mixed media artworks from Studio

Price: Rs 700 onwards

Elegance of antiques 

Yellow verandah

One can never go wrong with
aesthetic sculptures, plus they can always be customised according to the space
you have in your homes. You can opt for a big or a small sculpture of Goddess
Durga and her children or smaller terracotta figurines sculptures, which are
easily available both at offline and online stores. Marble or metal sculptures
— like those made of dokra are also quite popular.

Check out: Marble
dust sculpture from yellow verandah

Price: Rs 7000 onwards

Say it with flowers

Flowers add colour and freshness to any Indian festival. While fresh, real blooms have their own charm, artificial blooms can be the ideal decor pick when you don’t have the time to replenish or look after fresh ones. Easy on the pocket, no fear of water spillage, no pollen allergies, no sad withering affair, and the best thing for those of us who cannot keep their succulents alive. You can now decorate your door with artificial marigolds and relax for the next few days of Durga Puja, as they brighten up your home with a pop of colour, or opt for a bunch of kashphool so bring is all the Pujo feeling.

Check out: Yellow and orange marigold garlands, Pampas grass by Tied Ribbons

Price: Rs 400 onwards

Light up your home 


There’s more than one way
to bring a glow to
those house parties. Besides fairy lights, string lights and tealights, a beautiful
lampshade for your corner lamp can be a great way to add not just lighting but
also a touch of personality to your home. Handpainted lampshades, especially
customised for Durga Puja, are a great option to add some quirk and Pujo feeling
to your space. So when you wake up in the wee hours on Mahalaya to listen to Mahishashur
, keep the lampshade on and set the mood right.

Check out: Handpainted
Durga lamp shade from Zwende

Price: Rs 885

A little festive touch

Sprucing up your home
doesn’t need big changes or purchases, something as simple as a new cushion
cover or rug can liven up your spaces for the festivities, without going
overboard. Check these sequined or embroidered cushion covers that look vibrant
and are an easy option to play around with to change the overall look of your
living room.

Check out: Mandala
cushions covers from Etsy
, Kasuti
embroidered cushion covers from Chumbak

Price: Rs 1000 for a set of six


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