Combing modern and farmhouse looks offer ‘the best of both worlds’

SIOUX CITY — When it comes to selecting the finishes for a new home, Stephanie Vostad said you should go with what brings you joy or makes you feel good, not necessarily what’s trending.

“Sometimes, you might want to scale back a little bit. If you love navy blue, you might not want to do the whole navy blue kitchen. Maybe do the island, so it’s not a full-on commitment,” said Vostad, design & client experience manager for Kelly Construction. 

When clients purchase a new build from Kelly Construction that hasn’t yet been completed, they have a “day with the designer.” Vostad meets with them to help pick out the home’s finishes. She said the meeting generally takes about four hours. 

She said some people know exactly what they want, while others are unsure. Vostad asks them, “How do you want your home to feel?”

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“Some people are very casual. They just want it to be comfortable and functional. Some people are more formal. They just want it to just look how they want it to look. They’re not necessarily as worried about the function of the home,” she said. “If they can give me some direction on that, that’s huge.”

Vostad said the two most popular design trends are modern and farmhouse. 

“A lot of people like aspects of both of them. They might not necessarily want the full farmhouse look, but they don’t necessarily want the full modern look. When you take the two and kind of combine them, it’s honestly like the best of both worlds,” she said. 

Farmhouse, Vostad said, is more classic and cozy. It has a “lived-in” feel. She said modern features clean lines. It can feel more stark. 

Stephanie Vostad, design and customer experience lead at Kelly Construction, talks about finding home finishes that reflect your style.

Tim Hynds

Whites and grays have dominated kitchens recently, but warm tones are making a comeback, according to Vostad.

White painted kitchen cabinetry is predominant in a Kelly Construction home in Sioux City’s Whispering Creek neighborhood, at 6250 Tiger Drive. But, the kitchen has a coffee bar with white oak cabinets and shelving. The island has white oak supports, which add some additional warmth to the space.

“One thing that is very much trending, right now, is mixing. Not having everything exactly the same. You’ve got the painted, but, then, you have the wood accents to just kind of mix it up a little bit,” Vostad said. 

Most new homebuyers are choosing quartz countertops, according to Vostad. 

“People go with a lighter color,” she said. “But we are starting to see some of the really dark colors.”

Vostad said more clients are opting for a honed look, rather than polished, when it comes to countertops. 

“A leather look is something people are starting to do more of,” she said. 

Vostad said lighting options have “drastically changed.”

“We went from gold to satin nickel and oil-rubbed bronze. Now, those are kind of going by the wayside,” she said. “It’s actually even getting hard to find oil-rubbed bronze and satin nickel fixtures, now.”

Vostad said the majority of lighting features black or gold finishes. And, it’s OK to mix the two. 

“A lot of people are doing a blend of those,” she said. “A lot of people really like that. They just don’t want to totally commit to the gold, but it kind of intrigues them. It’s kind of the perfect thing.”

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