Check out this modern farmhouse-style 5-room HDB flat

Having lived in a three-room flat, the owners of this five-room resale unit in Upper Boon Keng felt it would offer the space they needed as a family with two growing children.

The couple, both civil servants in their thirties, also enjoy entertaining, which they could do more comfortably with more space. “The owners also like the location and size, plus the scenery. It has a view of the Singapore Flyer,” Dolly Teo, the creative director at Space Factor, says.

Additionally, the couple wanted a space where they could work from home. Dolly and interior designer Qiu Yating worked on this project over eight weeks.

Who Lives Here A family of four
Home 5-room HDB flat
Size 1,184sqft (110 sqm)
Interior Designer Space Factor

Scandinavian to Farmhouse

The couple’s previous home was Scandinavian in style. “Since this house is bigger and the owners like decorating, they opted for a different style, which is the farmhouse design,” says Yating.

The 16-year-old flat was in good shape. One of its strengths is its spacious and squarish living and dining area. This sense of space fits the client’s needs and offers massive potential for creating the modern farmhouse look the couple wanted.

“We maximised each space so that the owners won’t feel claustrophobic and have space to move around despite having a lot of stuff,” Dolly says.

Living Room (Before & After)

A farmhouse style living room with study tables
Credit: Home & Decor

Formerly a contemporary home with glossy floor tiles and a bold partition, the new space embraces matte finishes. Laying wood-looking vinyl flooring over the old tiles softens the space.

Instead of aiming for a large living area, Dolly and Yating allocated a portion of the space to a study where the couple and their children could focus on work and studies.

A cluttered living room with glossy tiles
Before – Glossy floor tiles and a bold partition. Credit: Home & Decor

Dining Area (Before & After)

White dining table with 3 pendant lamps hanging over
Credit: Home & Decor

To cater to the couple’s love of entertaining, the team furnished the dining area with a six-seater dining set. They constructed bench seating with storage along one wall, contributing to the host of storage solutions found here.

With the modern farmhouse style, it’s easy to go overboard with shiplap surfaces. However, by juxtaposing shiplap with rattan within the same space in styling the storage solutions, the design team created interest in the living area without overwhelming the space.

A small dining room with a small round dining table
The dining room before renovation. Credit: Home & Decor

Hallway (Before & After)

Credit: Home & Decor

A plus of this home is its long walls in the living area, so there was plenty of room to include storage solutions. Half-height storage units, with a mix of cabinets and drawers, satisfy the family’s storage needs.

With the wall and display areas, the design team provided space and flexibility for the couple to indulge in their love of decorating. While the hallway is kept fuss-free, the team’s focus on details, like a wall light, enhances the modern farmhouse feel.

A cluttered hallway
Before – the home did not have much storage space. Credit: Home & Decor

Kitchen (Before & After)

Kitchen with blue cabinets
Credit: Home & Decor

The kitchen’s odd shape was a challenge that the team considered when planning the storage solutions.

“Every part of the kitchen was maximised as there were a lot of kitchen tools, utensils and appliances, “ Dolly says. They overhauled the black and white kitchen into a serene modern farmhouse kitchen in light blue. Decking the cooking area in patterned backsplash and shiplap details creates a soft focal point.

With the modern farmhouse style, every element needs to be in harmony. The emphasis on matte finishes in light wood and brown and a light blue kitchen keeps the theme consistent.

A plain kitchen.
The kitchen before renovation. Credit: Home & Decor

Master Bedroom (Before & After)

A bed and wardrobe
Credit: Home & Decor

Gone were the dark floors and wardrobe in the master bedroom. Now, a pared-down cocoon decked out in matte woodgrain flooring and wardrobe is in its place.

A long wardrobe lines the master bedroom wall in an L-shaped design, where the shorter section hides a vanity area connected to the bathroom.

Two beds squeezed together in front of a wardrobe.
Before – Dark floor and wardrobe in the master bedroom. Credit: Home & Decor

Master Bathroom (Before & After)

Bathroom with teal cabinets and wainscotting
Credit: Home & Decor

A vanity area located outside the bathroom resolved the issue of having a constant wet bathroom, which the couple often faced in their previous home. The design team enhanced that with a shower screen as well.

Even the tiles here are a nod to the modern farmhouse style. Dolly and Yating added a splash of colour via the dark teal cabinets.

A sink with black tiles in the background
Before – The bathroom was constantly wet Credit: Home & Decor

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