5 Creative Tablescapes To Inspire Your Thanksgiving Decor

No matter who you’ll be sharing your Thanksgiving table with this year, one thing is for certain: You’re going to want to set it well ahead of time. Planning and setting a beautiful tablescape is one of the items on your Thanksgiving to-do list that can be completed a day or so before guests arrive. And yes, a creatively adorned table is one of the best ways to make your holiday gathering memorable.

That’s why we turned our attention this week to eye-catching Instagram decor all about curated Thanksgiving table settings.

Maybe you’re looking for a nontraditional way to outfit your table. Or perhaps you’re in need of a simple design you can pull together at the last minute. The following Thanksgiving tablescapes are sure to provide a healthy serving of inspiration for your holiday decor.

1. Rustic minimalist

For the host looking for a simple yet impactful ambiance this turkey day, look no further than this rustic minimalist look from @saffronandpoe.

“A rustic minimalist tablescape is popular because it relies heavily on elements found in nature—bringing in a unique balance of textures and colors,” says designer Alyssa Trautman, of FLOOR360. “Wood plates, platters, and serving trays pair well with simplistic silverware in dark matte colors. Finish off your table with a runner made of greenery and other natural accents for added interest.”

Get the look: Design a naturally balanced tablescape with this handmade eucalyptus garland.

2. ‘Grandmillennial’ grandeur

Have you fallen in love with the “grandmillennial” trend? Bring it to life on your Thanksgiving table by emulating this look from @katherineyounghome.

“Over the years, people have been moving away from traditional holiday color palettes. Pale blue—which is popular for Christmas decor—is now taking the stage for Thanksgiving tablescapes,” says designer Devin Shaffer, of Decorilla.

Get the look: Embrace bold prints and happy colors with this blue tablecloth.

3. Vintage chic

Have a collection of vintage tableware you want to display this season? Make it a focal point by curating a vintage-chic tablescape like this one photographed by @simonlewisphoto.

“Vintage chic has been hot for years, and it’s not going away anytime soon, especially for holiday decor,” says Shaffer. “Not only do people love saving on seasonal decor by shopping at flea markets and antiques stores, they also love the nostalgia these pieces evoke.”

Mixing and matching gold and silver flatware and tabletop decor feels appropriately festive.

Get the look: Bring some elegant, nostalgic vibes to your table by grabbing a few of these gold julep cups that can be used as miniature vases.

4. Farm-to-table finery

If your decor leans toward modern farmhouse and you want to buff up the glam factor for your Thanksgiving dinner, try putting together a look for your table like this one from @viviennecutler.

“What better way to embrace the theme of Thanksgiving than with a farm-to-table look,” says Trautman. “This tablescape is for people who are drawn to the comforts of a family-style setting.”

Let a gingham tablecloth be your canvas, then add earthenware plates and bowls, brass candlesticks, and natural ceramic vases full of fresh flowers or herb plants. Place a few seasonably appropriate miniature pumpkins and pomegranates down the center of the table.

Get the look: Create a cozy family vibe by pairing this brown gingham tablecloth with a few of these woven jute placemats.

5. Elegant earth tones

For a last-minute tablescape that looks anything but, check out this elegant earth tone design from @maisonfeteetcie.

“Natural fibers such as linen and cotton aid in bringing the outdoors in,” says Shaffer. “Nature is something we long for during the long, cold winter months, and these colors also highlight and work well with other interior elements such as dark wood tones, matted metallics, glassware, and greenery.”

Get the look: Invoke a classic elegant tablescape with these dinner plates.


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