36 Affordable Bookshelf Decor Ideas: How To Style Bookshelf

An ever-growing book collection eventually calls for a home to put all your books in. I say this to warn you now, before your 2023 reads stack gets out of hand. While stacking your books around the house in little piles can be cute for a little while (which is undoubtedly the case around my apartment), investing in a good bookshelf that rids your tables and counter of unneeded clutter is the best way to go for the longterm. Those books aren’t going anywhere, and they’ll need a reliable home if you’re building a collection!

One of my main motivations behind implementing a bookshelf into my home space was the fact that I could also use it as a decorative element and show off my partner and I’s personalities. We’re knick-knack sort of people, so if you are too, a bookshelf can provide a great space to display fond memories, photo prints, art pieces, collectibles, and more. Scroll to shop some exciting bookshelf decor rounded up below, along with some of the best decorated bookshelves we’ve ever seen for some more inspiration!

Tips on How to Style Your Bookshelf

  • Add personalized decor you love to your bookshelf. Bookends, candles, figurines, plants and more can help you spruce up the shelves and reflect your interior design style.
  • Stack books vertically, for added visual interest and space saving.
  • Organize your books by color for a fun touch.
  • Add small lamps throughout your bookcase for ultimate cozy vibes!
  • Use organizational bins or catchalls, for smaller items that you still want near your books, but also want to hide away and declutter.
  • Thrift vintage items like old cameras, vases, jars and trays to display as extra decor.

Styled Bookshelves We Love

styled rainbow bookshelf

This rainbow styled bookshelf lets colored glass shine among some decorative art and stacks of books (via Apartment Therapy / Photo credit Amanda Archibald)

rounded built-in bookshelf with decor

This rounded built-in bookshelf design in Laura Harrier’s home is a calming book-scape that also serves as a easy bar cart, sprinkled with a touch of vinyl records and greenery. (via Sight Unseen)

easy DIY ombr\u00e9 bookshelf for decor

This DIY ombré bookshelf adds the perfect pop of color into any space. Plus, it’s easy to create and you can personalize it as much as you want! (via Brit + Co.)

boho bookshelf decor

This bookshelf palette is full of neutrals, making it a super homey and cozy place for your books to rest, among decorative art designs and plant vines. (via Dream Green DIY)

Bookshelf Decor

Below you’ll find cute bookends, candles, vases and planters, mirrors, lamps and more unique bookshelf decor items to put on display!


Poketo Steps Bookend in Coral

Poketo Steps Bookend in Coral ($32)

This minimalistic bookend design is also super sturdy, so your books stay in place. Only the best treatment for your collection!

Lamps for Your Bookshelf


IKEA TOKABO Table Lamp ($18)

This small lamp from IKEA is only 6 inches in height, making it the perfect size to squeeze in between your book stacks for added warm light.

LAVA 14.5" Lava Lamp in Rose Gold

LAVA 14.5″ Lava Lamp in Rose Gold ($25)

If you’re feelin’ funky, or just need to implement more nostalgic vibes into your space, a small lava lamp like this one could sit comfortably on top of your bookshelf and provide some relaxing light.

Ban.do Skittle Lamp

Ban.do Skittle Lamp ($65)

This small light source is giving us a good taste of mid-century modern design styles, and we’re here for it! It’s a wireless lamp (how cool is that?) so you can charge it to be used away from the bookshelf, ideally when you switch reading spots and need more visibility.

Organizational Bins + Catchalls

Brightroom 13" Decorative Coiled Rope Square Base Tapered Basket

Brightroom 13″ Decorative Coiled Rope Square Base Tapered Basket ($12)

We love the soft fabric on this little basket, because it won’t scratch your shelves while it’s resting near your book collection. Use it to easily store random bookmarks, reading lights, office supplies, chargers, and more!

Pretti.Cool Catchall

Pretti.Cool Catchall ($32)

Snag the coolest catchall in all the land to sit on your bookshelf, so you have a home base for all the miscellaneous stuff you find while spending time at home.


Talbot and Yoon Goober Candle

Talbot and Yoon Goober Candle ($30)

Candles can be decor, too! This funky pick proves that you can have fun with styling your bookshelf and sprinkle your space with shaped candles.

Shrine STEMS Candle

Shrine STEMS Candle ($38)

If the candle looks aesthetically pleasing and smells good, it’s an instant buy for us. This Shrine candle pick checks all of our boxes, and it’ll be the perfect bookshelf decor piece, no matter your style!

Vases + Planters to Put on Your Bookshelf

Talbot and Yoon Kirby Vase

Talbot and Yoon Kirby Vase ($55)

We love the organic shape of this vase that can house real or artificial flowers, no matter the time of year. Liven up your bookshelf with some lilies or tulips come springtime!

Worm NYC Squiggly Planter

Worm NYC Squiggly Planter ($39)

Your new houseplants will adore this squiggly planter to call home. Place a small plant on top of your bookshelf, or let it sit next to your fave reads on a single shelf!

Love + Grey Summer Vase

Love + Grey Summer Vase ($20)

This vase would look stunning on the bookshelf, where maybe there’s a sizable gap in your books. Stuff with some flowers from the craft store, and your stunning vase display is done!

Urban Outfitters Strawberry Planter

Urban Outfitters Strawberry Planter ($29)

Let your snake plant own this cute strawberry planter, so it can represent the fruit’s leaves! Sit this one on your bookshelf for a lively touch.

Fun Figurines and Other Bookshelf Decor

Welljourn Reading Zebra Shelf Decor

Welljourn Reading Zebra Shelf Decor ($36)

Never read alone again! This zebra figurine pal will keep you good company as you flip through your favorite books.

homeorgo The Bubble Clock

homeorgo The Bubble Clock ($28)

Do you have the time? This chunky bubble clock will ensure that you always do, even if you get lost in a good book.

Flower Vault Set of Rainbow Book Covers

Flower Vault Set of Rainbow Book Covers ($30)

If you just have to stick to a color range in styling your future bookshelf, these book covers will unify all your reads into one pleasing palette! Just pick a few that you’re not picking up frequently to use as decor.

Roomtery Mini Bust Figurines

Roomtery Mini Bust Figurines ($7)

Transform your bookshelf into an art museum with a few of these small decorative bust figurines. They’re super fun and easy to place, plus they make your home library look like a real one.

O-M Ceramic Wonderland Incense Holder

O-M Ceramic Wonderland Incense Holder ($50)

Fans of incense, these adorable incense holders will become your new BFF. They’ll look stunning atop your bookshelves, even when you’re not burning a delicious scent.​

Pon The Store Shelf Drip

Pon The Store Shelf Drip ($30)

This unique bookshelf decor piece mimics a drip off your shelves. It could be a funny way to spruce up your books’ home!

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