13 Modern Rustic Decor Items Designers Buy From Amazon

While it’s no secret that Amazon is one of the best spots to nab the latest in home decor, the online retailer’s off-the-radar storefront for modern rustic decor is our new favorite hidden gem. This trending design aesthetic elevates straightforward rustic moodboards of the past with “clean lines” that “meet tactile materials” for “down-to-earth comfort with an unexpected edge,” at least, according to the storefront’s definition.

Don’t just take Amazon’s word for it though. We reached out to Southern interior design experts to get a better feel for the modern rustic vibe—what it means, and how to achieve it at home.

“Modern rustic is my antidote to the ‘Fixer Upper’ farmhouse craze of the 2010s,” Margaret Daniel of Margaret Daniel LLC in Augusta, GA tells Southern Living. “Clients have tired of the overdone chalk paint and distressed furniture rehabs and scripted signs (thank goodness!), and are looking for fresh pieces that easily mesh with their antiques and modern art—the pieces they already have and love.”

Danielle Hames, Project Director at Freemodel, a pre-sale home renovation company with a big presence in Florida and Texas, also sees the aesthetic becoming more popular.

“As an interior designer in Texas, I’ve found that the modern rustic style appeals to many of my clients,” Hames explains. “Our Southern roots give us a soft spot for rustic interiors, while the calming impact of clean lines and neutrals provides a welcome respite from a fast-paced world.”

Discover modern rustic decor with these 13 Amazon picks from Southern designers. Shop the highlights below. 

Zonleson Accent Cabinet 


Achieving a modern rustic design isn’t just about the small items like vases and pillow covers. Even furniture can fit the bill, and one of Hames’ choices is the black Zonleson Accent Cabinet with fluted black doors and four shelves for storing books, decor, liquor, etc. 

“Place all of your rustic collectibles in this fabulous modern storage cabinet,” Hames suggests. “The arched glass doors give a fresh take on a staple piece. It would also make a wonderful bar cabinet, with fluted glass for a little camouflage.”

Luxury Concepts Lightweight Faux Rabbit Throw Blanket


Available in beige, dark gray, rust, tan, and white, this plush throw from Luxury Concepts will keep you warm in the winter and the couch looking cute in the warmer months, too (even if you’re not using it). It’s anti-static, flame retardant, anti-pilling, and Oeko-Tex Standard 100 certified.

“This faux rabbit throw creates a luxurious environment without the hefty price tag,” Hames says. “The oh-so-in-the-moment cream color, combined with texture for days, is just what your sofa needs.”

Stone and Beam Industrial Round Concrete Table Lamp 


With a gorgeous, concrete-finished base that gives a touch of texture, the Stone and Beam Industrial Round Concrete Table Lamp looks like it popped right out of a magazine. The rustic concrete base is paired with a creamy beige linen shade for modern contrast.

“I can’t get enough of Amazon’s Stone and Beam decor,” Hames says. “A concrete base, gold details, and that textured shade will tie everything on this list together for the perfect modern rustic room.”

Umbra Cappa Curtain Rod


Another key to keep modern rustic from leaning too far into rustic-only territory is brass hardware. The Umbra Cappa Curtain Rod  gives an otherwise neutral palette the metallic sheen and texture it needs to stand out.

“This brass curtain hardware can give even the most rustic rooms a touch of modernity,” Hames explains. “The clean lines and gold finish are perfect for an updated, elevated look.”

One pro tip of decorating with curtains? Choose a rod that’s slightly wider than the window.

“If your room allows, buy a curtain rod that is 24 inches wider, so your curtains have 10 to 12 inches to rest on either side of your window,” Hames says. “Your windows will feel so much wider, and bonus points if you buy long enough to ‘kiss’ the floor.”

Hames also suggests hanging the rod higher than the window, too, near the ceiling. In addition to appearing wider, curtains that hang from higher up give the illusion that the window’s longer, too.

Ss Sunsbell Rattan Table Lamp


Because a modern rustic home can never have too much rattan, the Ss Sunbell Rattan Table Lamp is one of Daniel’s favorite picks. A pleated lampshade adds an authentic-feeling vintage touch that’s amplified by soft lighting.

“With fall rapidly approaching, I am always thinking about lamps. Their ambient light makes any space feel cozy and is a great mood enhancer for entertaining after dark. The warm light setting is a must,” Daniel says, adding that, “there’s nothing less appealing than a cold LED light.”

The effect that lighting has on a room can’t be overstated, but size is important to consider, too. This one, Daniel says, it’s great for smaller spaces like home offices or reading nooks where it won’t be swallowed up by the room.

“I have been on the hunt for a small desk lamp, and this one perfectly fits the bill,” Daniel says. “It’s small enough to fit on a bookshelf or desk while packing a serious design punch with its pleated shade. It’s too cute!”

Lawrence Frames Bamboo Design Metal Frame


A metal gold frame can make a big impact, too. Where wicker frames provide texture and warmth, the Lawrence Frames Bamboo Design Metal Frame adds cool contrast. But according to Daniel, picture frames have the best effect when you think about where to place them.

“For more formal spaces like living rooms and dining rooms, I prefer metal frames in polished nickel and gold finishes,” Daniel explains. “I like to stack them on coffee table books and tuck them in bookcases for easy viewing. The classic bamboo edge on this one feels decidedly modern because it’s so thin and polished.”

Swono Fashion Ikat Chevron Throw Pillow


Why invest in new pillows every time you want to switch decor when you could just swap out pillow covers? It’s the easiest way to overhaul decor for immediate impact. And you can grab this contrasting pillow cover from Swono for just $10 apiece. 

“These pillow covers in a soft linen are the perfect pattern to mix rustic and modern,” Hames says. “There is some femininity to the repeating pattern, and they would be a great way to add a little on-trend black without overwhelming a light and bright space.”

Creative Co-Op Antiqued Gold Square Picture Frame 


“Modern rustic, to me, includes items that are streamlined and cleaner in looks, but with a throwback vibe to nature and old worn pieces, which transcend trends and bring us back to places in time,” explains Brook Streep, founder and owner of the tablescape kit company Table Terrain, based in South Carolina.

According to Streep, the Creative Co-Op Antiqued Gold Square Picture Frame achieves all of the above. “I love a gold brush, whether it’s jewelry, place settings, or in this case, a frame,” Streep says. “This frame has a stand, making it so easy to use on tables.”

Pro tip: Add some old black-and-white family photos, Streep recommends, especially if you’re entertaining. “Incorporate them in centerpieces on the tablescape or buffet. It’s a fantastic way to add personal history to an event,” Streep adds.

Serene Spaces Living Paulownia Wood Round Bowl


Perfect for adding texture and warmth to a space, Daniel also recommends the Serene Spaces Living Paulownia Wood Round Bowl that can be placed on top of a stack of books, a shelf, or in a curio cabinet.

“I have a growing collection of decorative bowls I use for storing fruit and matchbooks from my favorite dining spots,” Daniel says. “This raw wood option would work equally well on a kitchen counter or as a planter on a console.”

Because it’s round, it stands out from the other shapes, especially if most other decor items consist of sharp lines.

“It’s got such a good shape that perfectly mixes with any interior design style, but the raw finish feels very Southern rustic—in the chicest way possible,” Daniel adds. “Plus, you know it’s going to patina beautifully.”

Streep also picked the same bowl in her picks. According to Streep, modern rustic is “a curated look from time spent at flea markets, antique stores, and our grandmother’s houses,” and this wooden bowl looks like it could come from any of them. 

“I adore chunky, organic items to add to any tabletop,” Streep adds. “Fill it with pinecones, citrus, or flowers, rolled washcloths, or even rolled silverware in our linen napkins on a buffet; it’s a classic look you can use in a myriad of places.”

Hckot Grey and Beige Patchwork Farmhouse Throw Pillow Covers


When crafting a modern rustic aesthetic, don’t forget the couch (or the chairs, or the bed, for that matter). Basically, any area of the home that could benefit from a throw pillow, probably should have a throw pillow—and the Hckot Patchwork Farmhouse Throw Pillow fits the bill.

“Ticking—a type of cloth, traditionally a tightly-woven cotton or linen textile—has always had me at hello,” Streep says. “This is a classic look with clean lines, enabling use in any design scheme easily. You will never walk into a room with these pillows and think, ‘Oh, that was so 10 years ago.’”

Northern Lights Candles Blacksmith Candle Holder Pillar Base


Speaking of pieces that look like they could have come from an antique store, the Northern Lights Candles Blacksmith Candle Holder Pillar Base looks as vintage as it does handmade. It rounds out the modern rustic look, adding a touch of matte black for deeper contrast.

“I love the hand-forged appearance of this stand,” Streep says. “Having pieces in a room that appear artisan-made adds a refined element to any look. Add three narrow pillar candles and/or votives, use it as a stand for bowls on a buffet, or simply add a sweet bird’s nest found on a hike, and place it on a stack of books. 

Streep adds, “This piece will do a good amount of visual heavy lifting for you.”

Lomao Knitted Throw Blanket


Color is back, says Ross. “We have seen a big departure from the all-neutral, monochromatic color schemes of the recent past,” Ross says, pointing to this Lomao caramel-colored throw blanket as an example of what’s to come in the design world.

“There is a major return to warm color palettes, and this knitted throw is the perfect fit for such a palette,” Ross explains. “With the colder months approaching, layering in more soft items, like throw blankets, are sure to give your space the comfortable feeling that modern rustic evokes.” 

Cpintltr Natural Seagrass Foot Stool


For a callback to natural, organic textures that we once saw in full-on boho themes, the Cpintltr Natural Seagrass Foot Stool acts as a nod to that design without overwhelming the aesthetic entirely.

“This ottoman is the perfect addition to your space if you are trying to achieve the modern rustic look,” Ross says. “We love to incorporate natural materials at PDR Interiors, like this seagrass, into our designs any chance we get.”


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