12 of the best home decor items at H&M right now |

If you’ve only been shopping at H&M for clothes, you’re missing out on one of the trendiest and best home sections there is. It might not be as involved as other retailers — you couldn’t buy a couch, for example (at least not yet) — but what the store does carry is on-trend, modern and all within a solid and affordable price point.

While we wait for all the official Black Friday decor deals and Black Friday furniture deals to begin in earnest, I spent some time perusing nearly every page of H&M’s homes section and curated a Livingetc-approved edit for anyone hoping to upgrade their home before the holidays. I found some great deals on mirrors, accent furniture, and more — read on to find out! And make sure to check back here every so often; we’ll be updating this page with new product features and prices as they come.

The best furniture at H&M

The best lighting at H&M

The best decor at H&M

The best mirrors at H&M


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