10 Design Trends That Will Shift the Vibes in 2023

Every year, we challenge ourselves (and each other) to predict design trends for the year ahead. For us, rolling out the annual trend forecast is purely done for fun. But there’s a certain level of uncertainty in making educated guesses about what will be in and out when all you really have to go off is a gut feeling—it’s sort of like making a bingo card with your eyes closed while an audience watches your every move. I’m still convinced that 2022 was the Year of the Shower, but maybe 2023 will be the year of the sunken bathtub? Will our interiors be infected with a paisley print resurgence? Circle back and find out in the next ten days.

My inbox is currently cluttered with EOY trend reports and recaps, and all my feeds are clogged with even more unsolicited suggestions from brands about curating our interiors. No offense to the experts, but why should we only care about what the industry thinks when our own points of view are just as valuable? So this time around, I thought it would be more interesting to propose a list of design trends that we want to see shine in 2023. The Year of the (Water) Rabbit is all about longevity, peace, prosperity, and hope. Based on that vague information, I’m under the impression that the vibe will be shifting in our favor. Scroll down to find out our design trends forecast for 2023.

Kitschy kitchens

There’s always a new kitchen trend ready to make its mark, but have you ever considered playing into a theme that ties it all together? Those of us that grew up during the real Y2K era will recall how the Tuscan kitchen style had suburban homes in a chokehold. (Contrary to what our mothers believed, their take on the aesthetic was 100% giving “Welcome to Olive Garden. When you’re here, you’re family” vibes.) The kitchen is the ideal space to really lean into kitsch because it’s a hub for creativity—and having a sense of humor feeds the soul. The heart of the home shouldn’t be so sterile.

From animal sculptures to food-themed serve-ware, tacky eye candy is officially on the menu. Something as simple as a spice village collection taking up counter space, rooster tiles on the floor, or a bread lamp mounted on the wall will make this zone feel contemporary and modern. A burst of color also brightens the room, so keep an open mind about appliances and fixtures. If you prefer a more traditional style, take design notes from the Lisbon home of Pedro Espírito Santo where a kitchen is filled with items that remind him of his heritage: The 19th-century sideboard features a row of tea canisters, and a 19th-century Italian porcelain figure is placed on the marble island. Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, so don’t let anyone yuck your yum as far as taste is concerned. Have your fake cake and eat it too!


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